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As our silk is hand-reeled, slight variations show in the fabric and are a sign of quality. With the right care, your silk garment will maintain its luxurious look and feel for a long time.

Silk is a protein - a lot like your hair. Silk is also naturally flame-resistant, and caring for silk is easy. Wash your silk garment in a washing machine on the silk/wool program with 30 degrees, gentle cycle. Use a mild silk-wash detergent. Turn the garment inside out and use a mesh laundry bag.

Remove stains by spraying on a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar with half a litre of water. Work the mixture gently on the stain area and wash normally.

After washing, fold the damp garment once in the direction of the ribs and pull it gently into shape. Dry your garment by placing it flat on a towel. Let it dry at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

Silk is insulating and breathable and has a natural thermoregulation ability that helps maintain an ideal body temperature.

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Given the right care, your wool garments will keep their unique look and feel, to be passed on to siblings or the next generation. 

Air your wool garments every time after wearing. Stains should be removed before they get absorbed into the fibre by wiping it off softly. If that does not work, use lukewarm water to flow through the fabric and lay it down flat to dry. 

Wash your wool by using the wool cycle and use a natural, mild detergent. You get the best results by turning the garment inside out and using a mesh laundry bag

Dry your garment by placing it flat on a towel. If it shrank or has lost its form, pull it gently back into shape and let it dry at room temperature. Store your knitted wool garments gently folded and keep them clean to avoid attracting moths.

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