We are committed to building a sustainable brand with high ethical standards that not only benefit our consumers, the children, but also the environment in general. Minimalisma pledges to work, communicate and inform about materials and production in an honest and transparent way. To this end, we have become a GOTS Certified company! 

As a fundamental decision, minimalisma only sells clothes that fulfil the following criteria:  

- Fair and safe conditions for textile workers
- Focus on protection of the environment during the production process
- No usage of toxic chemicals
- Sustainable materials incl. animal welfare
- Our shipments are CO2 neutral, so the climate impact is offset

All of our clothes are natural, as it’s important to us to respect the environment and nature which belongs to our children. In a world where disposable children’s clothing has become the norm, minimalisma tries to create a high quality and eco-friendly alternative.

minimalisma sustainability gots certified organic slowfashion kidswear womenswear natural nordic scandinavia

All GOTS-certified products are marked accordingly.

minimalisma silk seamless signature nordic luxury basics quality kidswear womenswear

Our seamless silk and wool is produced in Jiangsu province, the centuries old centre of Chinese silk trade. We believe that the best products are made at their origin, where the expertise to handle the material is the greatest and to leave the whole production process in one place, from cocoon to knitting. We transport all our products in China by rail, as it is the more sustainable solution. Just like caterpillars refuse to eat leaves treated with pesticides, minimalisma refuses to let anything interfere with this material’s intrinsic character: Silk is insulating and breathable and has a natural thermoregulation ability to maintain an ideal body temperature. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and, thus, highly beneficial to a child’s sensitive skin.

The wool originates from certified Mulesing free farms in Australia. The yarn supplier adheres to the Responsible Wool Standard, a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare at the sheep farms and chain of custody of wool from certified farms to the final product.
The wool is then knitted and finished in Jiangsu Province in China, by a supplier that we personally know since 2007.

The wool has been treated with positive ions and without chlorine to make it machine washable. Please always use a wool detergent and wash in a washing bag on a wool program.

minimalisma organic cotton sustainable gots nordic scandinavian natural

All our organic cotton styles are GOTS certified.

The production of the garments is done in Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal and Bangladesh with suppliers we have known for a long time.

All factories are inspected several times per year by independent auditing companies and our production is controlled before each delivery. This not only guarantees that all our garment are produced free of toxic chemicals, but also that the working conditions in the factories are good and that the environmental footprint is limited. Read more about GOTS on