about minimalisma

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I grew up as a big city girl in the smallest capital in the world – on a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. Nature was a very big part of growing up there; so naturally, nature is a great source of inspiration in my current work. My interest in fashion was evoked very early and I was lucky to have a mom that could knit basically everything, so I grew up in fine hand knitted dresses and sweaters. When I launched our first minimalisma collection in 2012, one of our limited edition sweaters was hand-knitted by her.

I have always had a desire to create something on my own. So when I quit my position at a multi-brand fashion house in Copenhagen in order to move to Switzerland, the time was just right. 

I had given birth to our firstborn and the joy of being a mom was without comparison, but I still longed to use my professional skills in a way that could be combined with having a little baby. I missed Scandinavian design and the good qualities that I had gotten so spoiled with in my previous position. So minimalisma incorporates exactly that. Minimalistic Scandinavian design combined with the finest qualities.

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