🍓 Indulge in Love & Sweetness this Valentine's Day 🍰

🍓 Indulge in Love & Sweetness this Valentine's Day 🍰

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the talented food-blogger Lena Fuchs, from Austria. Lena approached us as she's expecting her first baby and was looking for purely natural qualities 🌱

A few days ago, Lena published her blog about her first encounter with minimalisma - along with a delicious recipe for her favourite cake. We think this recipe is perfect for celebrating love and sweetness on Valentines Day. 

Click the picture below to go directly to Lena's blog and read the full description (in German):

Lena's blog, filled with delightful recipes and heartfelt stories, is a heaven for food enthusiasts seeking culinary inspiration. With a passion for baking and cooking, Lena's creations are not just delicious treats but also expressions of love and joy shared with family and friends.

Lena's philosophy of using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients resonates deeply with our commitment to sustainability and quality. We're thrilled to have collaborated with Lena and encourage you to visit her blog for a taste of her delicious life. Here's to indulging in good food, made with love and dedication! 🍰💕

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