About 70percentsteph

We have long been following @70percentsteph and her impeccable style - and cutest ever Juliet - on Instagram and blog. 

Last summer, we had the chance to ask her about minimalisma - but this website was delayed... to we are happy to finally publish her sweet comments about our brand: 

I fell in love with Minimalisma’s Signature Silk Seamless collection when Juliet was still a tiny newborn.

Like any new mother, I really felt like I only wanted the softest and healthiest materials to cover her delicate little body. The ribbed silk wasn’t just soft, it also allowed her skin to breathe and it helped her regulate her body temperature during her first summer.



Also – the frilled pink fabric looked just too darn cute on her! Now she is two years old and she’s in love with her Lykke dress so much, she wants to wear it every day to twirl around the house like a little ballerina.

I love that minimalisma balances a classic look with clean, modern shapes.
I know it’s a trend to dress kids like mini adults, but in the end I want her to be and feel like a child for as long as possible, free and playful and sweet. 

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