First Sunday of Advent with Frida Franckié

For advent this year, we are collaborating with some of our favourite Scandinavian influencers. Each Sunday, we ask one of them to share their most cherished Christmas traditions. This first Sunday of advent, we've asked Frida from @fleurandfranckie to do us the honours.

Frida is a creative knitting expert from Sweden. She is part of our minimalisma team and a passionate photographer and mother of one of our favourite little models. When asked about her favourite Christmas tradition, Frida says: "I grew up in a home with many and important Christmas traditions, but without purely religious overtones. Choosing just one to write about is difficult, as I think of them all with such joy and warmth. But I came to think of one that followed me and my sister throughout our childhood, and that I now have made a tradition with my own child. Every evening, my parents read aloud from the book ”Julrosor”; a storybook with selected stories at Christmas time. One a day for 24 days. Along with the book there is a Christmas calendar where each door is connected to that day's story. A precious moment every evening, recurring year after year.
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