Spring has sprung ♡

Spring has sprung ♡

Spring, you are warmly welcome!


We are leaving the cold and dark winter days behind and enjoy the wonderful moments that the new season is offering. The weather gets warmer, the days are getting longer and we can feel our spirits lifting. Spring has sprung and with it a shifting perspective. 
There is a beautiful symphony in the air.
We suddenly wake up with the sound of chirping birds in the mornings, enjoying the early hours with a yet fresh spring air. And suddenly we find ourselves with a new kind of energy. There is something  inspiring about spring. It is the season of growth and development. 
We can watch the first flowers blooming and take pleasure at the beautiful colored patches we pass by as soon as we leave the house. The animals waking up from their winter sleeps and help their little ones to grow. 
We gladly inhale the change in our surroundings and are excited to welcome the new seasons spirit.