Capture beautiful moments | minimalisma ♡ banyadorderatlles

Capture beautiful moments | minimalisma ♡ banyadorderatlles



Today, we feature talented Cristina Pujol behind the Instagram @banyadorderatlles. Cristina Pujol lives in Catalonia with her beautiful daughters. She is passionate about taking photos and is what we would describe as ‘livsnyder’ – Danish for someone who enjoys all the good things in life.


After giving birth, Cristina experienced how motherhood changed her and gave her a chance to reinvent how she wanted to see herself. As a photographer, Cristina is a passionate artist and captures motherhood, family and childhood with a profoundness and warmth.


It is obvious that Cristina puts her heart and soul into all her pictures and has a special ability to capture and perpetuate remarkable and beautiful moments in life. Visit her Instagram to witness the beauty of mother- and childhood in an inspiring and very honest way.


 We teamed up with Cristina photographed on a short series featuring selected organic essentials. Through her lens, she captured a beautiful moment when her daughters where playing together in pieces from our organic essentials collection. 


We hope you love the collaboration as much as we do. ♡