An Interview with Irati Yerza


What in minimalismas style appeals to you?

minimalisma transports me back to my student years in Aarhus, Denmark. The simple, sober and timeless Nordic style and the warm, soft and comfortable qualities are unmistakable. It gives me nostalgia and peace.

What do you believe to be important when choosing children's clothes?

First of all, I look for the qualities to be good, soft... And a timeless design. And I think children have to be comfortable. If the clothes also cares for the environment, is manufactured in a respectful and sustainable way, with organic or recycled materials, it is really great!

Which one of minimalismas styles are your favourite?

The seamless pieces are my favourites. In merino wool for winter and in silk for summer. You can use them as underwear or however, or just as outer wear. And the kids are super comfortable.