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signature silk seamless

The inherent quality of silk can be edited down to the material’s intrinsic character. Silk is insulating and breathable and has a natural thermoregulation ability to ensure that your baby can maintain an ideal body temperature. 

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and, thus, highly beneficial to a child’s sensitive skin. With no side seams, comfort is further enhanced.

These luxury basics capture our classic minimalist style and timeless design and pay homage to the one of the world’s finest natural fibres and the requirements of the human body.

organic essentials

Only 100% certified organic cotton is used in our organic essentials collection for little ones aged up to 6 years. 

We offer a timeless basic collection that is rich in beauty, function and sustainability and comes in four subtle shades. 

Two beautiful jersey qualities make it possible to choose between a fitted look in single jersey or a more flexible fit in the slightly heavier rib jersey. Thus, this range not only nurtures the need of a child, but is designed for parents too. 

wool seamless

Our wool-seamless collection is made of 100% natural merino wool and comprises a luxurious and soft first layer for babies and children.

Unlike man-made fibers, Merino wool has the amazing thermo regulatory ability that ensures that your baby will maintain an even temperature at all times, allowing the skin to breathe easy in summer and hold heat in winter.

Seamless means that there are not disturbing side seams and that the soft wool will hug the body without feeling tight, but is also highly stretchable which makes it perfect for active babies and kids.

Finally, wool is renewable, sustainable and naturally biodegradable. 

baby alpaca

Baby alpaca accounts for one of the most luxurious and valuable fibres in the world. Our premium-grade alpaca yarns come from alpacas that grass in the Peruvian highlands. The term ‘baby’ alpaca means that the wool is from the first sheering of the alpacas and, thus, it’s the finest fleece.

Unlike sheep wool, Alpaca is lanolin-free and has no guard hair – the type of hair that can give a “prickle” on sensitive skin – and is, therefore, super-soft to the feel and ideal for babies and children.

Finally, wool is renewable, sustainable and naturally biodegradable.