A fundamental of our collections is the super-soft signature silk seamless line. These luxury basics capture our classic minimalist style and timeless design and pay homage to the one of the world’s finest natural fibres and the requirements of the human body.

The inherent quality of silk can be edited down to the material’s intrinsic character. Silk is insulating and breathable and has a natural thermoregulation ability to ensure that your baby can maintain an ideal body temperature at all times. The fact that silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in fluid without feeling damp, means that the body will stay dry. Wearing silk as the first layer allows the body to breathe easily in summer and hold heat in winter.

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and, thus, highly beneficial to a child’s sensitive skin. Silk contains many antimicrobial materials which the caterpillar protects itself during pupation. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of these antimicrobial materials are also effective on human skin. Placed directly on the skin, the healing properties of silk help reduce any irritation and leaves the skin comforted. Silk is ideal for sensitive skins due to its hypoallergenic properties, as dust mites cannot live in silk.

With no side seams, comfort is further enhanced. Seamless means that there are no irritating side-seams. The highly stretchable tubular fabric softly hugs your body but is so stretchable that it never feels tight anywhere.
By its nature, silk is environmentally friendly, as the silk moths will not eat the leaves of the mulberry trees if the trees have been treated with pesticides. The mulberry leaves are their only food source.

Silk is produced in the same low-impact way as in the last 5000 years and is fully biodegradable. Silk is naturally flame resistant because it is made up of a protein called fibroin, which is difficult to ignite and does not easily support combustion. Moreover, silk fabric has a relatively low heat conductivity, which means it does not easily transfer heat from a flame to the rest of the fabric. This property, combined with the fact that silk is a natural insulator, makes it more resistant to catching fire than many other fabrics.


Only 100% certified organic cotton is used in our organic essentials collection for little ones aged up to 10 years. 

We offer a timeless basic collection that is rich in beauty, function and sustainability and comes in four subtle shades. Two beautiful jersey qualities make it possible to choose between a fitted look in single jersey or a more flexible fit in the slightly heavier rib jersey. Thus, this range not only nurtures the need of a child, but is designed for parents too. 

 minimalisma aw22 wool seamless merino sale winter


Our wool-seamless collection is made of 100% natural merino wool. The Merino sheep are highly prized for their fine wool which is thinner and softer than regular wool. With a fibre fineness of 19.5 micron*, our wool seamless comprises a luxurious and soft first layer for babies, kids and grown-ups.

Since the launch of minimalisma in 2012, the Merino Wool Jersey styles have been an essential part of every Autumn/Winter collection. minimalisma offers two beautiful jersey variants. One seamless rib quality and a regular jersey finish.

Our seamless wool basics are knitted on tubular knitting machines tailored to give optimal stretchability while remaining comfortably body hugging. Each piece is designed to last for at least six months. The single-rib jersey is cut and sewn into shape, allowing more volume. Equal for both qualities is that the wool is highly stretchable which makes it perfect for any activities.

The wool comes from certified Mulesing Free farms in Australia. The yarn is then spun and treated with positive Ions. The positive ions treatment of wool yarn is a process in which the yarn is exposed to positively charged particles, which helps to improve the yarn's elasticity, reduce its pilling tendency, and makes it machine washable.

Unlike man-made fibres, merino wool is a natural and breathable material which means it helps regulate body temperature. Your baby will not feel moist or wet by sweat as the wool is letting out moisture while keeping the body warmth in. Many opt for wool as sleepwear as this is believed to improve a child’s sleeping pattern. Moreover, in warmer conditions, this same breathing ability will protect the body against overheating.

Finally, wool is biodegradable and will break down naturally over time. It will be decomposed by microorganism in the environment and in this process, nutrients will be returned to the soil. This makes wool a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice and a good alternative to synthetics fibres.

*Micron measures the diameter of the individual fibres in a wool yarn and this type of wool is less likely to irritate the skin than coarser wools with a higher micron. 19.5 micron is considered extra-fine.



Baby alpaca accounts for one of the most luxurious and valuable fibres in the world. Our premium-grade alpaca yarns come from alpacas that grass in the Peruvian highlands. The term ‘baby’ alpaca means that the wool is from the first sheering of the alpacas and, thus, it’s the finest fleece.

Unlike sheep wool, Alpaca is lanolin-free and has no guard hair – the type of hair that can give a “prickle” on sensitive skin – and is, therefore, super-soft to the feel and ideal for babies and children.

Finally, wool is renewable, sustainable and naturally biodegradable.



Organic Cotton means that no chemical pesticides or fertilisers have been used in growing the natural cotton plant. Being organic also means that the cotton thread derives from the original plants, meaning plants that are not genetically modified and have been treated naturally during its processing and packaging. That results in a sustainable, healthy and environmentally friendly material.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified organic cotton goes beyond that. Not only is the fabric better for your skin and for the environment, it is also better for the workers who produce your garment. From the harvesting of the raw materials, environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling, textiles certified to GOTS provide a credible assurance to the consumer.

minimalisma’s timeless basic collection consists of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. We provide a high-quality garment range in subtle Scandinavian shades that leave a minimal environmental footprint in timeless styles they never go out of fashion.