Organic cotton meets Silver - Feel good quality for sensitive skin.

NEA™ - Neutral, Ecological, Antibacterial
As part of our initiative to take care of even our most vulnerable customers,
we created an NEA™ series of beautiful off-white jersey knits specifically for your little ones with sensitive skin.
Our very own NEA™ quality was specifically developed for sensitive skin, and offers a natural, ecological, and anti-bacterial alternative to traditional fabrics.
This quality is typically used in therapeutic settings to help relieve discomfort caused by skin conditions such as Neurodermatitis.
Our NEA™ fabric is knitted in Germany and consists of 98% organic cotton and 2% silver coated fibre. Each item is finished at our GOTS-certified factory in Hungary. The result is a collection of classic Nordic-inspired styles with premium-grade softness that is machine washable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. 
A wonderful encounter with a positive twist
The story behind NEA™

One day we were sitting together with our German jersey supplier to go through new qualities for our certified organic line. The meeting came to an end as the supplier had to rush off to the next meeting at a nearby hospital. 

Curious what business a jersey supplier would have at a hospital, we asked. It turned out that he had long been supplying their Neonatal department with a special blend of cotton and silver fibers; a fabric scientifically proven to sooth sensitive skin and help people with Neurodermatitis.

This sounded like the perfect complement to our existing lines and we asked if he could produce this quality for us with certified organic cotton as well?

"Sure", he said and NEA™ was born. All Natural, Ecological and Antibacterial – and available for babies and kids up to 12 years.



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