Monday Muse - Ewa Wasielewska

Monday Muse - Ewa Wasielewska

We’ve been strolling through the famous picture book of the digital world, when one profile caught our attention quite quickly. The profile of a young creative with a great sense for design, style and all the beautiful little things she finds along her way.
Captured in a unique way: blurry and mysterious, yet visible.

She became a mom to a beautiful boy just recently, so it was about time for us to reach out to her, thinking if she might be open for a little interview.

And… she was. 

Meet our Monday Muse Ewa Wasielewska, or in the blogosphere better known as ‚Pomalomani‘.

It is very clear to see that she has an eye for aesthetics (go visit her Instagram @pomalomani) Her sense for that little something is well captured in her photography. A mix between architectural details, style posts and natural elements can be found here perfectly put together.


Her adventure with Instagram began 7 years ago. A place she used mostly as her personal diary in which she was writing about mountain trips. Time after time this personal place turned into a larger and more serious project, so Ewa.


The very sonic and phonetic sound of the name POMALOMANI derives from the original activity of a manicure. A name which sticked right away and is just as curious as her photography.


I am empathetic and sensitive person, a dreamer with my head in the clouds."


Being surrounded by nature seams to be her greatest goal. She loves to be outside, doing all kinds of outdoor sports. If it is hiking-tours, riding horses and skiing in winter.


„Living a life in the mountains, in the middle of a forest, far away from humanity. A place where there is peace and silence.“


That desire for peace and security in nature is something we definitely share and can very much relate on. When following up on the world news, the thought of being surrounded by something which is so honest as nature is seams to be something we all might consider those days.  

"Cherishing countless memories that are truly priceless.“ 



Ewa, you have such an aesthetic eye for photography, where do you find your inspiration besides nature ?


„I am looking for inspiration also in art and architecture. I am fascinated by the symmetry and geometry of forms. Therefore polish artists and architects from the time of the People’s Republic of Poland catch me the most. The post war architecture, architectural brutalism, socialistmodernism as well as outdoor sculptures and mosaics.“




Now being a mom of a baby boy, her previous profession as an biotechnologist has been paused and her mindset has changed. Her family and the people close to her are her biggest motivation and yet the most beautiful thing in her life. 


You just became a first time mother, can you describe the moment when you knew you wanted to be a mom?


I needed time to process what I really wanted. It took me a while, I've been working hard to not be influenced by all the outside voices and opinions. Many conversations with my husband helped. One day I just felt it. I was ready.


It was autumn, I came back from my friend's birthday, I felt sick and started vomiting. I knew immediately, I felt it. I didn't take the test, I didn't have to. It went right away without much planning;)“


What values are important to you that you want to give to your son?


 „For me, being a mother means being a positive role model. Being a present at every stage my kids experience, showing an unconditional endless love. Be a guide, trainer, superhero and a friend, I wanted teach them skills that will allow them to build independence."

Photo credits: Ewa Wasielewska | @pomalomani

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