minimalisma ♡ Manuela Franjou


Today we are shining our spotlight on visual poet Manuela Franjou. Manuela is a mom of four children and an amazing visual artist. On her Instagram @mesenfantssauvages, she shares her photographic abilities by documenting the lives of her four children growing up wild and free in an old Catalan farmhouse. 

When talking about minimalisma, she says that the simplicity and beauty of the items, in combination with our care for the environment move her. For our AW20 collection, Manuela is working on a beautiful project that highlights how single minimalisma items can be worn over-and-over again throughout the seasons. A project that is very much in line with our vision of creating high-quality garments that not only look good, but also feel good – for a long time. 

Manuela likes to dive completely into her projects, letting herself be guided by light, shadows and tones. She portrays the love that she sees, in every look, in every gesture or detail, and in every form and movement. Throughout her work, love is her biggest inspiration. She's a storyteller, and this can be seen from the incredible pictures shown on our website.


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