Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling ♡

Leaves are falling, Autumn is calling ♡


And here we start the new season with a full heart. 

Hello Autumn - we dearly greet you !


There is something about the last days of summer, the weather seams to get confused with a mix of sun, cloudy skies, rain and wind.
Our surroundings change. But after all it feels absolutely right. 
Oh, those golden leaves have something special, they are a colorful carpet on which we walk side by side along their trees.
This time lets us dive into a small dream world where we forget our thoughts and simply follow the sound of the crackling leaves.
A walk outside is all we are aiming for. We slow down our lives a bit and learn the art of autumn cocooning.
We start getting cozy on rainy days, preparing our homes for the colder days to come and spent the sunny times outside.
Those warm sunny hugs we get these days are simply divine.
Autumn lets us also crave for comfort food, just like this seasons naturally growth.
Spicy Pumpkins, roasted Chestnuts, warm Soups and casseroles and for dessert all those delicious fruits this season has to offer.
Autumn, we dearly greet you !






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