A little dance | minimalisma ♡ Cristina Pujol

A little dance | minimalisma ♡ Cristina Pujol

This month, we feature the talented photographer Cristina Pujol. She is a mother of two and a passionate photographer that puts her heart and soul into all her pictures. Through her lens she is helping families to perpetuate remarkable and beautiful moments in their lives. Her main inspiration comes from maternity, women, childhood, and the beauty of small things. 

If you visit her Instagram @banyadorderatlles, you will witness how Cristina captures the beauty of mother- and childhood in a very inspiring and honest way.
We have been following Cristina and her creative work for a while now. And luckily, we got the chance to team up with her once again.
We absolutely love this beautiful photo series, showcasing our Organic Essentials. Through her lens, she captured her sweet daughters dancing in our Lis dress in Tan and our Elspa shorts in Tan combined with our soft Lin T-shirt in Milk 💃

Besides the photo series, we also got the opportunity to ask Cristina a few questions:

What do you love most about spring?
I love the change and the contrast of spring. The light that it brings, the sunshine and rain. The blossom in fields and gardens after the bleak winter, the birds coming back and being able to leave our thick jumpers in the closet.

What is your favourite minimalisma style?
It is difficult to choose just one favourite, as they are all unique and made with love, but I adore the organic essentials. I found them full of simplicity and beauty, they are just perfect.
We hope you will enjoy the collaboration as much as we do ♡
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