minimalisma ♡ Irati Ayerza

Today we are introducing one of our favourite photographers: Irati Ayerza. Irati is a mother of two with an incredible passion for photography. On her Instagram @iratiayerza, she tries to capture the little moments that make up her kids' childhood. Her images guide you through the most inspiring journey of her two boys growing up.

Irati has been dressing her boys in minimalisma for years now. She always looks for brands that offer good quality when it comes to clothing for little ones, especially underwear or pyjamas. Besides her love for our cotton and silk items, and her weakness for our headwear and other accessories, it's the colours of our collection that she actually likes most. She loves how the colours are able to transport her to the beautiful landscapes of the North.

For special moments, such as when a baby is born, she recommends gifting minimalisma's seamless items. She says "... the seamless garments are so comfortable, that it's a sure hit with the baby and parents."
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