minimalisma ♡ ByOlafsdottir

minimalisma ♡ ByOlafsdottir


This week, we feature the inspiring female farmer, Harriet behind the Instagram account @ByOlafsdottir

She is the fifth-generation farmer living in Æðuvík, The Faroe Islands with her husband John, their one year old daughter Maja Lý and her foster daughter. 

Other than being a farmer she is also a self-taught photographer taking pictures of her cute sheep and selling them as fine art prints and postcards, on the farm she also hosts in home dinners and she is building a B&B right next to our house at the moment. 

Her biggest dream ever since she was a kid was to become a farmer, and she never thought it would actually happen. Since she grew up, she was getting told that it was a mans job and a woman couldn't do it.

I am a female farmer and darn proud of it, even if it means smelly, hard work and backaches”, Harriet.
We asked her to tell us about her inspiration and hopes for the future:

What inspires you? 
Being surrounded by nature and growing up learning to read nature and its animals. My inspiration comes from living in such a beautiful and unique place, from feeling the ocean breeze, seeing nature change right outside my window all the time, from observing and getting to know the animals and their individual personalities, from my family and most of all just being able to live in the moment and allow myself to be inspired by my surroundings.  

What is your passion?
My passion is the ability to make everything I do a way of life instead of a chore - to have my job, home and family in harmony with each other. Simply living the life we are now, building a business that allows us to spend more time together as a family, helping each other out and giving the girls a childhood they will look back on with a smile on their face. Also, animal welfare and photography are pretty high on my passion list. To me sheep are one of the most beautiful creations ever and deserve to be photographed and made into art. 

What is your hope for the future?
My hope for the future is that we'll keep on growing and evolving as a business - hopefully selling more posters and other things internationally and that things will get easier in time once we are done renovating and modernising the farm. My hope is that our family will continue loving this way of life and be able to spend even more time together making happy memories.
What is your connection to minimalisma?
I've known about and admired the brand for years, especially after finding out a fellow Faroese woman is behind it. So, when I got asked to be a part of the minimalisma Advent calendar last year I was SO happy and honoured.

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