Monday Muse - Irati Ayerza

Monday Muse - Irati Ayerza

“I like to define myself as a storyteller and an emotional photographer because I like to catch the essence and what moves the people I photograph, in a natural and beautiful way at the same time.”


 Irati Ayerza.

Passionate photographer, storyteller, wife and loving mother of two boys living in the Basque Country in the north of Spain.

Let us introduce you to an inspiring women with a fine sense for capturing moments for memories. 



We connected with Irati over Social media many years ago. Not only her beautiful family and childhood photography caught our attention, her personality showed right through. We’ve had a deeper connection right away, as both Irati and our founder Maja lived in the same town in Denmark for a while.

Coincidence? Maybe. Definitely meant to be!  Not only that we share like-minded values, we are also inspired by what surrounds us: Nature and our children. Over the years, she has taken many beautiful pictures wearing our collection together with her cool boys.


 Now get comfortable and look with us behind the lens of our Monday Muse Irati, and listen to her view on empowering womanhood. 



Q: Irati, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you become a photographer? Was there a precise moment where you knew it was what you want to do for a living? 

A: I like photography ever since I was a child. In my family my father made many photos and I remember having boxes and albums full of photos and enjoying winter evenings checking them in the loft. When I was young, I studied journalism, and with my second motherhood, I felt the need to start documenting my children's childhood, capture images for memory. In 2020, just a few days before the pandemic, I decided to take the step to dedicate myself professionally, and full-time to photography.


There is something special about going through old photo albums. Our minds are going back in time, remembering the captured moments and oh, the stories! We are always having the best stories to pass on to our children. And seeing their faces when they understand that mom&dad also had a childhood and how it looked like. Some of us might have even old polaroids from back in the days and fashion statements our children couldn’t make more fun of - priceless! How wonderful to feel that those unique moments are not only nurturing, but can also shape a future.

Irati's photography reflects purity and allows us to be part of the wonderful moments she got to capture. Get a glimpse of her work here.


Q: What in life is important to you and do you struggle following it?

 A: I believe that in life it is important to be respectful of oneself and of what surrounds us (both with people and with our environment). Be honest. At the moment I believe that we must be aware of the very serious climate problem that we are suffering and do everything in our power to stop it, with conscious and sustainable consumption, for example. Violence against women, racism or the fight for children’s rights are issues that particularly stir me.


Q: What does 'womanhood' mean to you? 

A: For me womanhood is respect, sharing, supporting women, making tribe and moving forward together. It is powerful.


Q: What do you think is the biggest issue women are facing today?

A: Unfortunately, we live in a patriarchal society, and the problems that women face are many, and very different depending on which part of the world you are born or live in. Inequality is a terrible slab for us. We women in the world fight daily against the exclusion, hypocrisy and slavery of beauty chests, wage inequality, human rights violations, among others. Progress is being made little by little, but I am concerned to see how there are areas where steps have been taken backwards in recent years.


Q: Is there -or has been- women in your life who you are/were looking up to?

A: I particularly admire women who fight every day, put their "comfort" at risk, even their lives for the common good of all of us women. I find it terribly courageous and generous, and I think we should be aware of this and be very grateful to them.


Q: How can women better empower/ support each other?

A: Sometimes listening, not judging and standing alongside supporting is enough. Don't look to the other side thinking this doesn't matter to you, because that's not true. Her problem is your problem and my problem. 



Q:  What is your favourite moment ob being a mother?

A: I have many. I enjoy motherhood learning and evolving with them. Maybe I miss the smell of baby and that soft skin when they were littles. But now I enjoy conversations with them, seeing how their mind is able to imagine and their emotions are so pure. It's hard, because being a mother is a daily challenge, no script, but it's very enriching.


Q: What values would you like to pass on to your children?

A: Respect for oneself and for others. If they respect themselves, they will be respected and they will respect the environment, and they will fight for what they believe in.


Q: What makes you laugh?

A: I laugh a lot. The occurrences of my children look great to me.


Thank you, Irati for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful photography with us! We love to see you and your boys in minimalisma.



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