Embracing Sustainability: A Journey Through Photography, Fashion, and Nature 📸🌱

Embracing Sustainability: A Journey Through Photography, Fashion, and Nature 📸🌱

In the vibrant world of fashion and photography, unexpected connections often lead to the most inspiring collaborations. This was the case when we met Oona Brunner during one of our recent photoshoots. She is not just an incredible talent behind the camera but also the mother of some of our favorite young models. Her keen eye for detail and love for sustainable fashion have brought a unique perspective to our work.

Last summer, as she was preparing for a holiday in Greece, she approached us with an exciting proposal. She wanted to photograph our Spring-Summer 2024 collection amidst the picturesque landscapes of her ecological garden. The results were nothing short of breathtaking. But beyond the stunning visuals, her work highlights a deeper message about sustainability, both in fashion and in our daily lives.


The Intersection of Fashion and Sustainability

As a mother and a photographer, she has a keen eye for what makes clothing both beautiful and sustainable. "When it comes to clothes for my kids," she explains, "I always look for pieces that are not just stylish but also made with sustainable fibers. Cotton and cotton-silk blends are favorites, especially for my daughter, who loves the softness and comfort they provide."

The fashion industry is notorious for its high water consumption, making sustainable fibers an essential choice for conscious consumers. Sustainable clothing is not just about using fewer resources; it's about creating garments that are durable and can be passed down, reducing the need for constant new production. This longevity means each piece can be cherished and worn by multiple children, promoting a cycle of reuse and reducing waste.


A Garden of Sustainability

The photoshoot took place in her ecological garden, a place where sustainability is at the heart of everything. Here, they produce their own olive oil and grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and fruits such as lemons and pomegranates. The garden is a testament to how we can live harmoniously with nature, producing what we need without depleting resources.

"Sustainable water management is crucial," she says, "especially in regions like ours that are prone to dry periods." This mindful approach to water usage is reflected in how they manage their garden and household, ensuring that every drop is used wisely. This practice extends to their travel habits as well, where they are conscious of water waste and strive to minimize their environmental footprint.


The Beauty of Nature

Adjacent to their house is a stunning nature reserve, home to a variety of wildlife including birds, turtles, and flamingos. This proximity to such a vibrant ecosystem reinforces the importance of sustainability. "We are very careful about the water waste we produce," she notes, "to protect the groundwater and ensure that this beautiful reserve remains a sanctuary for wildlife."

The vibrant colors of the flamingos inspired some of the photographs, blending the beauty of nature with the elegance of our Spring-Summer 2024 collection. The result is a series of images that not only showcase our clothing but also tell a story of connection to the land and a commitment to preserving its beauty for future generations.


A Call to Conscious Living

Through her photography and her lifestyle, this mother and passionate photographer teaches us that sustainability is not a trend but a necessary approach to life. Whether it's through the clothes we wear or the way we manage our resources, every choice we make impacts the world around us.

As you explore our latest collection, we hope you are inspired not just by the designs but by the story behind them. A story of mindful living, where fashion, photography, and nature come together in a beautiful, sustainable harmony.


Join us in embracing this journey towards a more sustainable future, one thoughtful choice at a time.

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