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Capturing Everyday Magic: Our Collaboration with Lula Poggi

We are thrilled to share the beautiful work of Lula Poggi, a talented photographer whose enchanting pictures are now featured on our platform. Our collaboration with Lula began at Playtime Paris in January, where we instantly connected over our shared passion for capturing the essence of life through photography.

Lula Poggi, originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, now calls Barcelona home. There, she lives with her loving family, including her partner Lluis and their two daughters, Asia and Vega. Lula’s journey into photography was deeply personal, sparked by the desire to document her daughters' growth. This intimate practice blossomed into a professional career, driven by her fascination with the natural, spontaneous expressions of children.

Lula’s work is characterised by her ability to find beauty in everyday moments. She is constantly inspired by the authenticity of her subjects and the magical play of sunlight, which she considers the most amazing source of light. Lula believes that the difference between a good photo and a great one lies in the light and how it influences the mood of the photograph.

In her own words, Lula shares, “For me, photography is more than a profession; it’s a way to communicate emotions and tell visual stories. I believe that the magic of life is found in the little details, and my goal is to immortalize those special moments that often go unnoticed.”

Our collaboration with Lula has resulted in a collection of stunning photographs that perfectly capture the essence of our vision. Through her lens, everyday moments are transformed into timeless pieces of art, filled with emotion and authenticity.

We invite you to explore Lula Poggi's work and experience the beauty she captures in the ordinary. Her talent for storytelling through photography not only creates lasting memories for families but also helps businesses convey their values and visions in a compelling way.

Thank you, Lula, for sharing your gift with us.

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