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soft seamless wool

A fundamental of our autumn | winter collections is the super-soft fine merino seamless line.

Merino wool is believed to be the finest quality wool in the world and is renowned for it’s luxurious soft wool that provides a gentle feel and makes it a perfect first layer for your child.  

Unlike man-made fibers, merino wool keeps its thermal properties when it’s wet to better regulate the body’s temperature. This means that your child will not feel moist or wet as the wool is letting out moisture and keeps body warmth in. Many opt for wool as sleepwear as this is believed to improve the sleep pattern in babies. Moreover, in warmer conditions, this same breathing ability will protect your baby against overheating.

Our wool seamless is knitted tubular, which means that all seven styles come without disturbing side seams. The feel is soft wool and body hugging without feeling tight. At the same time, the wool is highly stretchable which makes it perfect for active babies and kids.

Our wool-seamless collection is made of 100% natural merino wool and comprises a luxurious and soft first layer for babies and children. 

Not only does our wool seamless feel and look good, it is by nature also sustainable and biodegradable.