minimalisma in Lemon magazine ♡

minimalisma in Lemon magazine ♡

We are so happy to be featured in Lemon´s spring edition where the founder of minimalisma answers five questions about minimalisma´s history and the daily life at the office. Find the questions below. 

We hope you like it ♡ 

Launched in 2012 by mother of two Maja Akraberg, minimalisma is one of the leaders in stylish slow-living staples that are perfect for every child to play, relax, climb and run in.

How did you come to start minimalisma?
I always had a desire to create something on my own. So, when I quit my position at a multi-brand fashion house in Copenhagen to move to Zürich back in 2011, the time was just right. I had just given birth to our firstborn and the joy of being a mum was incomparable, but I still longed to use my professional skills in a way that could be combined with having a little baby. I missed Scandinavian design and the good qualities I had gotten so spoiled with in my previous position, so minimalisma incorporates exactly those things: minimalistic Scandinavian design with the finest qualities.

How big is the team and what’s everyone’s role?
Our intimate minimalisma ‘family’ consists of just a handful of people who are deeply passionate about quality, design and beautiful things. The group is dominated by Scandinavians, so I switch daily between Faroese, Danish, German, English and a few random words in Swedish. I lead the company together with my husband and the kids are an integral part of our everyday office life.

What would you say are minimalisma’s values?
A commitment to sustainability has been a vital part of everything we do from the very beginning. We only use natural materials in our clothes. Our mission is simply to create beautiful products with premium quality and a timeless feel that make each piece suitable for passing on to a younger sibling or future generation. Our philosophy pivots around superior quality, simplicity and sustainability. At minimalisma, we are committed to building a sustainable brand with high ethical standards that not only benefits our consumers, children, but also the environment in general.

Where do you find design inspiration? How do you apply it?
The essence of every collection is quality. When I start a new collection, I focus first on what qualities I would like to use and then create the designs and colours for the collection. We only work with natural materials such as silk, wool, cashmere, alpaca, and organic cotton. I grew up on a small volcanic archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by nature, so nature is a great source of inspiration for me when I choose colours, but also with regards to the authenticity of the materials.

What is your favourite quote?
I suppose H.C. Andersen’s famous “to travel is to live” has always fit me well.
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